Build A Backend Data Admin Panel In Ten Minutes


the reasons why you choose GoAdmin

Built-in permission management

The built-in perfect rbac access control system, out of the box.

Multilingual support

Add support for multiple languages, own language pack, loaded language pack targeted translation support.

Support multiple framework

Support including like gin, echo, fasthttp, chi, beego access and other popular web framework, choose your own framework.

No refresh pjax experience

Depending on pjax technology, to achieve a good user experience without refresh, don't have to worry about a page refresh stuck and.

Plug-in promote efficiency

Different plug-ins can simplify your development effort, plug-in access is very simple.

Compiled into the binary

With golang support, the whole system can be compiled into a binary file, easy deployment and distribution.

Different UI theme

Will provide a different UI theme template to fit your individual needs.

Better performance

With golang support, the performance is better than other framework writing with other language.